As we look back on 2022, we reflect on the impact that our Recovery Resources' employees, board members and philanthropic supporters had in serving our community. We reflect as well on the changes to our community and how we deliver care and services in the post-COVID world.

Recovery Resources' employees provided care and services to more than 4,000 community members. Our medical, clinical treatment, case management and peer support colleagues supported individuals and their families along the path to recovery. Our Employment and Vocational Rehabilitation teams helped individuals prepare for, find and sustain employment. Our Women’s recovery home staff and other residents celebrated individuals as they graduated and moved to permanent housing.

In response to COVID-19, Recovery Resources and the community created new opportunities for how we deliver care and services. As we continue to advance after the end of the public health emergency, we continue to offer both virtual and in-person treatment and group visits based on the needs and access of our clients. We have also transitioned back into the classrooms and community access points through the work of our Prevention Team and Employment and Vocational Rehabilitation teams.


Our exceptional employees provided education across our local community and at the State level.

•   Clinical Supervisor Jacqui Santiago and Clinicians Mary Volk and Karen Allenick presented at Ohio's 2022 Opiate & Other Drugs Conference, on the topic of: The Application of Trauma-Informed Care Principles with Substance Use Disorders.

•   Recovery Resources and the Cuyahoga County Problem Gambling Coalition hosted the Cuyahoga Problem Gambling Symposium Virtual Summer Symposium

•   Recovery Resources was a partner and presenter supporting the Teen Mental Health Summit at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse which had around 600 attendees.

•   In anticipation of the legalization of on-line sports betting, Recovery Resources and the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas, Ohio for Responsible Gambling, The Ohio Lottery Commission, The Ohio Casino Control Commission, The Ohio State Racing Commission and OhioMHAS launched the Problem Gambling Addiction Program. Recovery Resources provides the clinical services to those engaging with the Courts when screened positive for gambling addiction.

The Recovery Resources' Associate Board, Sponsors, now board member Bret Buike (2023), and our community raised $40,000 to support the needs of our clients through the 10th annual Run for Recovery. The dollars raised through the Run support the needs of clients such as food, clothing and transportation assistance. This year’s Run for Recovery is Saturday, August 12, at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. To learn more, run/walk, volunteer or donate, please visit 2023 Run for Recovery (

Finally, we thank you for taking time to learn more about Recovery Resources, its impact with our clients and in our community. We invite you to keep our phone number and website available as we know that the best time to help connect someone in crisis is in the moment. You can make an impact by helping to make the connection.

Highest Regards,

Adam and Seona

For general information, call 216-431-4131 or visit
For the suicide and crisis hotline, call 988.



Through the generosity of donors, private grants and funding through Ohio MHAS (Mental Health & Addiction Services), the Cuyahoga County ADAMHS Board (Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services) and SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration), Recovery Resources was able to add clinical programs, provide additional technology and improve safety and security for clients and employees. Additionally, donations received provided day to day necessities that made it easier for clients to access care and services.


Sources of Funds

Annual Donations
Run for Recovery
Circle of Strength & Hope
Public Funding

We know that many individuals who have engaged with the criminal justice system experience underlying mental health illness or substance use disorder. Recovery Resources has expertise in supporting individuals who are re-entering the community by providing them with the care and services they need to move along their recovery journey and re-engage in society.

Among the many important supports that are offered to Recovery Resources clients are peer recovery supporters. Peer recovery supporters are individuals who have a direct lived experience of mental health or substance use issues. These important individuals are in recovery and understand the journey ahead that our clients face – particularly upon re-entry. Peer recovery supporters provide much needed guidance and understanding to individuals as they move along their journeys towards recovery.

Lavado is one such peer recovery supporter whose lived experience makes him an excellent support to the many Recovery Resources clients he works with. At the age of 4, Lavado’s maternal grandmother passed away, which would shape the course of the rest of his life. After her death, his family found themselves in dire straits, living in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Cleveland and eating ketchup sandwiches. By the age of 17, Lavado found himself in trouble with law enforcement, leading to a life in-and-out of jail for selling and using crack cocaine.

Having a son changed Lavado’s life, and he vowed to stay sober and never to go back to prison. Tragedy struck when Lavado’s son, Lavado Clyde Townsend, Jr., committed suicide. During this tremendous grief, Lavado began using again. Lavado’s wife insisted that he go to rehabilitation, which found him in-and-out of rehab five times before fully getting sober. While in rehab, Lavado learned that he had a gift for helping people going through similar situations and vowed to find a position where he could do just that.

As a Peer Support Specialist at Recovery Resources for the last two years, Lavado has helped dozens of people leaving correctional facilities, many who have been diagnosed with developmental disabilities, mental health issues, and 9 times out of 10, a substance use disorder. Lavado’s primary role involves connecting with a client about their situation, listening to their concerns, helping them connect to services and supporting them in progress towards their goals.

Lavado’s advice for those looking to get help for mental health or addiction is, "If you want to find out if you want the help, get somewhere to get the help. Recovery Resources is a great place to start. They can assess you, evaluate you, [and] get medication if you need it.”

The services Lavado, and other Peer Recovery Supporters provide in the community would not be possible without critical funding from our partners such as the Cuyahoga County ADAMHS Board and Ohio MHAS, as well as generous gifts from individuals like you.


  • McMaster-Carr Supply Company
  • United Way of Greater Cleveland
$1,000 - $2,499
  • Bright Side, Inc.
  • The Flower Shoppe, Inc.
$500 - $999
  • Digital Insurance, LLC
  • Hermes Cleveland
Up to $499
  • Tricat LLC (Voodoo Brewery)
  • United Way of Greater Atlanta

  • Jack, Joseph, and Morton Mandel Foundation
  • Noom Foundation
  • Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation
  • Prevention Action Alliance
  • South Waite Foundation
  • The Fred A. Lennon Charitable Trust
  • Dan & Ellen Zelman Family Foundation
$2,500 - $4,999
  • Anonymous
  • The Catherine L. & Edward A. Lozick Foundation
  • The Murch Foundation
  • The Smith-Prochaska Foundation
  • Young Family Giving Fund of Fidelity Charitable Foundation
$1,000 - $2,499
  • David and Inez Myers Foundation
  • Richard M. Jackson and Ann H. Jackson Charitable Foundation
  • Joseph & Laura Rushton Fund
  • Betty T. and David M. Schneider Foundation
  • The Giant Eagle Foundation
$500 - $999
  • Kevin Kruszenski Fund at Schwab Charitable Foundation
  • Melvin Family Charitable Fund of Vanguard Charitable Foundation
Up to $499
  • Alcoholism Services of Cleveland, Inc. Fund
  • Michael J. Horvitz 2 Donor Advised Fund
  • The McCarthy, Lebit, Crystal & Liffman Foundation

Recovery Resources is extremely grateful for the generosity of our friends, donors, and supporters. If we inadvertently misspelled or omitted any names, please accept our sincerest apologies. We work to maintain the highest level of accuracy.

  • Bret Buike
  • Michael Turk and Deborah Zaucha Turk
$2,500 - $4,999
  • Patrick and Sheila Beck
$1,000 - $2,499
  • Steve Dettelbach
  • John and Karen Kirk
  • Brian and Sarah Kurtz
  • Peter Rebar
$500 - $999
  • Thomas and Annie Merriman
  • Elizabeth Williger
$250 - $499
  • Amanda Calabrese
  • Cooper Holdings
  • Katie Makar
  • Autumn Mustar
  • Mitchell Robinson
  • Alex Smith
  • Brennan Tilow
  • Jessica Williger
  • Christine Wiskochil
$100 - $249
  • Ali Tubbs Amato
  • Dick Ambrose and Mary Beth Ambrose
  • Jane Anagnostos
  • Stephanie Baxter
  • Amanda Benedetti
  • Brian Brennan
  • Mary Ann Campbell
  • Vince Caraffi
  • Michael Colagiovanni
  • Gregory and Denise Collins
  • Erin Deane
  • Sally Defrancesco
  • Daniel DiMarco
  • Michele Doheny
  • Thomas P. Freeman
  • Linda Fuller
  • Charles Greene
  • Tom and Kirsten Hagesfeld
  • Kennice Halloran
  • Rosanne and Timothy Jackson
  • Ann Johnson
  • Dave and Margie Johnson
  • Lenore Kola
  • Barbara Lawrence
  • Steven Medinger
  • Christa Petryszyn
  • Christine Phillips
  • Molly Rakic
  • Sarah Reinwald
  • Deborah Rotz
  • Tracy Sabransky
  • Matthew Schenz
  • Cory Tucker
  • Richard S. Varga
  • Stephen Williger
Up to $99
  • Christina Adkins
  • Veronica Allerman
  • Mikki Anderson
  • Jeffrey Angie
  • Mark Arndt
  • Shahed Barrak
  • James Jerome Bell
  • Kristin Brown
  • Amanda Burghart
  • Nina Calabrese
  • Alyson Clements
  • Tera Coleman
  • Courtney Corbets
  • Vanessa Corral
  • Leanne Corvington
  • Jo-Ann Daraghmeh
  • Gabrielle DeFrancesco
  • Debra DeVonna Glenn
  • David Diederich
  • Jack Doheny
  • John Doheny
  • Patrick Doheny
  • Kaitlyn Ehni
  • Charles Emerman
  • Aaron Fishman
  • Cally Fleming
  • Joseph Gale
  • Kenneth Hall
  • Margaret Halloran
  • Erin Haggerty
  • Kristin Hess
  • Wendy Hrwatzki
  • Michael Hudson
  • Danielle Iafelice
  • Kellie Irish
  • Laken Irish
  • Karrah Jarrell
  • Steve Jesse
  • Karen Johnson
  • Fran Jurecki
  • Stuart Justin
  • David Kachadourian
  • Steve Kammer
  • Kathleen Kawczynski
  • Edward Ksiazka
  • Jillian Kupchella
  • Nancy Levanduski
  • Erika Long
  • Frederick R. Lyzen
  • Shari L. McCarthy
  • Margaret McMahon
  • Jessica Maisel
  • Jean Marincic
  • Dianne Magnani
  • Rebecca Mason
  • Catherine Matonis
  • Daniel Mayer
  • Melissa Minoff
  • April Minotas
  • Victoria Musa
  • Edward and Anne Nolan
  • Mary Ann Olschlager
  • Julie Ondecker
  • Doreen Papajcik
  • Barbara Phillips
  • Ida Marie Porris
  • Erin Radoi
  • Chelsea Reed
  • Michael Roethler
  • Charles Rowe
  • Anne Rufener
  • Elizabeth Russo
  • Kyle Sager
  • Maria Samalot
  • Elizabeth Sanders
  • Lila Schervish
  • Norman Schroth
  • Maya Sheth
  • Deanne Short
  • Lori Shymske
  • Katie Smith
  • Katherine Sroka
  • Brigid Steiner
  • Charleen Taylor
  • Kirstie Taylor
  • Joyce Taylor
  • Kiersten Traboulsi
  • Vivienne Varga
  • Gabriella Vigorito
  • Brian Whitmer
  • Cindy Wildman
  • Cynthia Willgues
  • Matthew Williger
  • Margaret Winterich
  • Rachel Wojtkun
  • Amanda Zacur


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