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Mar 29, 2018
by: Carrie Larsen
Circle Networking Series Aims to Encourage, Inspire, Empower Women
March 29, 2018 (Cleveland, OH) -- Throughout 2018, Recovery Resources' Circle of Strength and Circle of Hope will be holding five women's networking events, called the Circle Networking Series.
"The Circle of Strength and the Circle of Hope are two women's giving circles within Recovery Resources. Their purpose is to engage, inspire, and empower women to share their philanthropic passion, and benefit our clients through their philanthropic dollars," said Katie O'Toole Smith, Chair of the Circle of Strength.
The networking series focuses on the betterment of the Cleveland community through engagement.
O'Toole Smith says being involved with these events will offer women opportunities in both philanthropy and business.
"When we get these women together to network, we have the ability to take those likeminded, amazing women and make a bigger difference within the community," said O'Toole Smith.
The first event took place on February 1, 2018, with speaker Renee Holcomb Hardwick. She shared a message about "The Power of the Purse," educating attendees on where and how to best spend their philanthropic dollars.
"It was interesting and very beneficial for me to hear some of these women talk about finding what makes you happy, what is going to make your soul flourish, and what makes you feel like you're really contributing," said Victoria Leahy, Account Executive for the Cleveland Browns.
New to the Cleveland area, Leahy came to the Circle Networking event to meet and hear from other women in her new community.
"It's beneficial to know that there are other women who are out there doing these amazing things, and using each other as resources to build each other up and encourage each other. It's like the ripple effect. Trying to make that one small step towards change to make a positive impact. Knowing that other women are making those little impacts really shows there's power in numbers," said Leahy.
There are still four more Circle Networking events this year. The next one will be on April 5, 2018 with speaker Monica Robins from WKYC. She will discuss how to influence philanthropy through social media.
You can sign up to receive registration information and find the rest of the schedule on our Circle Networking website.
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