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Aug 6, 2019
by: Carrie Larsen
Recovery Resources: Getting people out of jail and into recovery

Recovery Resources Forensic Liaison Lindsay Smith does some of the most important work for our agency and community. 

“The whole idea of what I do at the jail is, there is a mental health court docket, specifically for clients with severe mental illness and that’s what I work with and that’s what my clients are apart of. The idea of that docket is, instead of sending this client to prison, let’s get them supportive treatment services for this mental health condition with the idea that if they’re not having mental health symptoms, they’re less likely to commit a crime and be reincarcerated.”

Helping people get out of jail and into recovery is Lindsay's passion.

“I just believe that every single person has so much value. For me, it’s such a privilege to meet them in their time of need, be that support and believe in them. So many of them are successful. Not everybody’s successful, there are people that come back, but for all the people who are successful, it makes such a huge impact on our community and families, because these people are able to thrive and support the people around them, love them and take care of their kids, and work at the stores and fill the unemployment gaps.”

It’s services like this that benefit from Recovery Resources fundraising events, like the August 17th Run for Recovery.

“It provides gap funding so our clients can get right out of jail, get right immersed in services, and then when they have that support, they do better.”

By registering for the run, or simply donating a few dollars – you are making a difference.

“Our clients face so many challenges and just being challenged by everything that the run is, is just a taste of what our clients go through every day. Just being able to share that experience and do something that positively impacts them is so important.”



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