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Sep 8, 2016
by: Annamarie Campisi
Bronze Key: A community embracing recovery

Chelsea Coleman with Daughter Evelyn

This year’s Bronze Key is especially meaningful to me because 2016 is the most significant year of my life. I had my first child, my daughter Evelyn, in January. I’ll turn 30 this October. And this November will be the 10 year anniversary of my father’s death. One third of my entire life up to this point- my college graduation, my wedding, my daughter’s birth- all missing 1 incredibly important person. Over the years my grief has turned to gratitude for the time we did have together, and how blessed we were to have him sober and happy in his last 8 years on earth. [Ironically, the day before this year’s Bronze Key is the 18 year anniversary of my dad giving his life to Christ and becoming sober. 11/11/1998]

Unfortunately, so many families in Northeast Ohio will experience their first Christmases, Thanksgivings, births, and weddings without the presence of a family member due to the effects of addiction- specifically the area’s heroin epidemic, which has caused a record number of overdose deaths this year.

The work done at Recovery Resources has never been more crucial. The importance of a community embracing recovery and hope cannot be overstated.

Recovery transforms a person, and transcends a generation. My daughter will never know her grandfather, but she will know his example through my words and actions, and hopefully, through a community of individuals in pursuit of delivering #HopeInTheLand.


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