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Criminal Justice & Reentry

Successful re-entry is an important and challenging goal.

An individual on probation or parole has a much better chance of successfully reintegrating with the community if they have access to skilled support. Recovery Resources' staff have the training and experience to provide these services, which are so essential to both the individual and to the community at large. 


Among Recovery Resources' most important partners are the many divisions within the criminal justice system that support an individual's re-entry into the community. These collaborations include the Adult Parole Authority, the Probation Department and the State Hospital as well as County and Municipal Jails. In addition, Recovery Resources acts as the forensic monitor for Cuyahoga County. Please see more details in our description of our mental health services. 

Our External Forensic Linkages staff work closely with clients, judges, probation officers, corrections facility staff, and other health services providers to ensure that the treatment needs of persons involved in the criminal justice system are met.  We assist with early identification and linkage to services of persons with mental health and addiction treatment needs, treatment and release planning, and we also provide resources for inmates in various correctional facilities. Our External Forensic Linkages services include:

  • Cuyahoga County Court Liaison: serves defendants charged with felony crimes and involved with the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas and Cuyahoga County Jail.  We act as a direct link between the court, jail, state psychiatric hospital, and community treatment providers with the goals of assisting clients in gaining and maintaining both psychiatric stability and ongoing mental health and substance use treatment. 
  • Municipal Court Liaison: serves defendants charged with misdemeanor crimes in Cleveland Municipal Court and several suburban municipal courts. We conduct mental health and substance use screenings to assist jails and courts in the identification of persons with mental health and addiction needs, and link defendants to ongoing treatment. Our goal is to assist defendants in maintaining psychiatric stability while incarcerated and to arrange treatment in lieu of incarceration when appropriate.
  • Community Based Correctional Facility (CBCF): serves defendants housed at the CBCF who have been dually diagnosed with mental health and substance use disorders. We provide mental health and alcohol and drug screenings, facilitate linkages to community mental health and addiction treatment, and provide treatment and recovery support to defendants housed at CBCF.
  • Local Incarceration Program (LIP): serves inmates of the Cuyahoga County Jail with primary substance use disorder diagnoses who have been sentenced to local incarceration and are serving their felony conviction sentence. Inmates receive diagnostic assessments, substance use treatment, case management, and employment services while incarcerated, and linkage to community resources upon release. LIP’s primary goals are to address inmates’ treatment needs while they are incarcerated and to assist inmates re-integrate into the community while reducing recidivism.