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A Place for You

Safe, Supportive Housing

Recovery Resources provides supportive housing in a variety of settings.


This service is for individuals who are receiving treatment for mental illness and/or substance abuse disorders, aged 18 and above, and are residents of Cuyahoga County. Recovery Resources’ permanent and transitional housing sites were developed to meet the needs of individuals and designed to be sufficiently flexible to change as needs change over time. The individual’s choice and particular needs are paramount in determining placement.

As part of its supportive housing services, Recovery Resources owns and/or operates properties that can accommodate close to 60 individuals. Available housing arrangements include apartment living in shared and single apartments, condominiums, co-op living and a nine bedroom sober living house for women.

Recovery Resources is committed to providing the following:

  1. Safe, affordable housing
  2. A living environment that is supportive to the recovery process
  3. Access to living arrangements in the community housing market 
  4. Socialization and the support of peers

Apartments and condominiums owned by Recovery Resources

  • Franklin Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio  44112
  • River Oaks Drive, Rocky River, Ohio  44116

Apartments operated by Recovery Resources

  • West Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio  44102
  • Detroit Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio  44112
  • Center Ridge Road, Fairview Park, Ohio  44116

Sober living for women

Where the philosophy is to encourage mutual support and group decision-making to the greatest possible extent.
  • The Monarch House, a nine bedroom sober living house for women
To begin the process of admission to Supportive Housing, individuals complete an assessment/application.

For help with Supportive Housing,

Call 216-431-4131

Recovery Resources

4269 Pearl Road
Cleveland, Ohio  44113
Monday-Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm