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Behavioral Health Services

Integrated Approaches

With strong community partnerships


Recovery Resources takes a comprehensive, holistic approach to working with clients who have a vast range of behavioral healthcare needs. We use best practice models to ensure outstanding service delivery and positive outcomes. Our services include:

  • Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment Services
  • Medical Management Services
  • Behavioral Health Counseling
  • Peer Support
  • Warmline

In addition to the mental health services described below, our housing, prevention, job search, and supported employment programs are available to our clients with behavioral healthcare needs. 

Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment Services

Our Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment Services staff (CPST) work closely with our clients on a daily and weekly basis in order to ensure they have their treatment needs met, including medication adherence, assisting with obtaining benefits, healthcare entitlements, housing resources, and other items to strive towards better self-efficacy and self-sufficiency. 

We act as a liaison between our clients and their service providers -- both within our agency and within the community. We partner with the criminal justice system, area hospitals, and a variety of social service partners to ensure the most comprehensive services are available. We take a team approach to clients’ treatment by working with psychiatrists, nurses, employment specialists, peer support specialists, parole/probation officers, case managers, and program supervisors. 

Services are delivered in the community (clients’ homes, community sites, hospitals, jails, nursing homes, etc.) as well as at our locations in Cuyahoga County. We have both forensic & non-forensic CPST services available and services are delivered based on the clients’ level of care. Our CPST services include the following:

  • Community-Based Correctional Facility (CBCF.) Provides a variety of mental health clinical and support services to individuals residing in CBCF.
  • Conditional Release Unit (CRU.) Serves clients who have committed serious criminal offenses, have been found to be Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity (NGRI) or Incompetent to Stand Trial (IST), and have been sentenced to civil commitment. We provide intensive support and monitoring for the duration of the client’s sentence as a direct link to the Court of Common Pleas, the State Psychiatric Hospital, and the Court Psychiatric Clinic with the goal of helping our clients to successfully re-integrate into the community and maintain psychiatric stability.
  • Forensic Linkages. Works with judges and other court professionals to ensure that individiuals with mental health or addiction disorders are linked to the appropriate care both inside and outside of the criminal justice system. 
  • Mental Health Developmental Disability (MHDD) Program. Serves clients with psychotic disorders who have a felony conviction in Cuyahoga County; engagement in this program is a condition of their probation and most clients are dually diagnosed with a substance use disorder. Provides intensive case management services with the goal of stabilizing the client in the community and helping to decrease recidivism to jails and hospitals while increasing self-sufficiency.
  • Case Management. Serves clients with low-moderate-high case management needs by acting as a liaison to the greater community resources as well as monitoring symptoms, assistance with obtaining housing, benefits, and other needs to help clients gain self-sufficiency.  
  • Parole Assertive Community Treatment (PACT.) Serves clients with psychotic disorders who have a felony conviction and are being released from prison on parole. A team model is used, which provides an all-inclusive 24/7 program: assessment within 24-48 hours, case management, psychiatric services, housing, food and essentials, as well as a designated employment specialist. PACT’s goal is to decrease recidivism to jails and hospitals and increase self-sufficiency.

Medical Management Services 

Our outpatient Medical Management services work to stabilize individuals and help them function optimally within the community. We promote preventive care, wellness, and psycho-education in clients with mental health, alcohol, drug, and other disorders. We provide psychiatric services to individuals with thought and mood disorders, as well as persons with dual diagnoses. We proudly serve those currently and/or formerly involved with the criminal justice system.

Our team includes psychiatrists, advance practice nurses, resident physicians in training, fellows, psychiatric nurses, social workers, counselors, and non-clinical staff. All residents work under the supervision of  our Medical Director or other assigned physician. A key factor in achieving psychiatric stability within our community is a strong support system and community connection. Our clients and their family members have an active role in discussing therapeutic options, initiating changes, and providing feedback about their experiences with their treatment. We have  established and maintained relationships with our community  behavioral health providers and social service agencies that we enlist on behalf of our patients. Our ultimate goal is to achieve an integrated service delivery for all of our clients with one treatment team, which includes primary healthcare services and behavioral healthcare services.

Behavioral Health Counseling

Our Behavioral Health therapists serve adults with mental health needs. We provide individual outpatient behavioral health counseling with the goal of improving each client’s sense of self & quality of life to include work, relationships, and daily functioning. 

Intensive Outpatient Treatment for Persons with Dual Disorders

We offer two different groups for Intensive Outpatient (IOP) services for persons with dual disorders: Mentally Ill/Chemically Addicted (MICA) and Chemically Addicted/Mentally Ill (CAMI). These IOP groups are specifically designed to educate and support people who need treatment for mood and thought disorders (e.g. depression, bipolar, schizophrenia) in addition to chemical dependency. 

We serve adults who have been dually diagnosed with a mental illness and substance use disorder. This program consists of three-hour sessions, four days per week. Sessions include creating a structured lifestyle, individual counseling and drug screens to monitor sobriety. Groups are separate for clients with mood and thought disorders. All Dual Disordered IOP groups include gender-specific trauma as part of the treatment curriculum.


I’m experiencing a psychiatric emergency and need someone to talk to. What should I do? 

Call the Mobile Crisis Team at 216-623-6888.

Warm Line

Warm Line Telephone: 440-886-5950,
open 9:00am-1:00am, including holidays

Our Warm Line is a peer-support phone line available to all adult residents of Cuyahoga County who may be experiencing mental illness and/or substance abuse problems. The Peer Support Workers who staff the Warm Line are trained to provide a “listening ear,” to make appropriate referrals, and to refer to Crisis Intervention service providers when appropriate. 

Support from those who have experienced similar issues can be a great help during a time of self-doubt or a low point. The guiding philosophy is that self-help/peer support interactions are to be conducted either by persons receiving services, having received services, or their families/significant others. 

Warm Line peers provide emotional support and understanding, share experiences in coping with problems, and form a network of ongoing support outside the formal mental health and alcohol and other addictions services system.

Don't know where to start?

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