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Recovery Resources employs experts on addiction and mental health services. We are constantly updating our knowledge base regarding the most recent “fad” drugs and various addiction epidemics threatening Northeast Ohio.

Information, resources or interviews on these or related topics are available to any of our media partners. To arrange, please contact one of the individuals below.

Media Contacts

Diane Tomer, Director of Development and Marketing
216-431-4131 x2501


Letter to the Editor: Help for Recovery

Feb, 19 2014

Last weekend revealed to us, once again, that addiction can be fatal. From the national coverage of musical icon Whitney Houston to the local story of star athletes Chris Jacquemain and Tyler Campbell, who died from heroin overdoses, it is impossible not to feel sucker-punched when reading about yet another young life ended as a result of alcohol or drug addiction. These stories reinforce Recovery Resources' position that it is not enough for us to provide prevention and treatment services within the community; we also must continue to uncover the stark reality that addiction knows no boundaries -- not of race, religion, age, socioeconomic class or county line. Addiction does not live "elsewhere"; it is a disease that lives in our neighborhoods, our schools, our places of employment and in our families. Until the health care, social service, public and corporate industries mobilize as a united and formidable front against this No. 1 public health care issue, we will continue to witness senseless death, repeatedly, as a result of this insidious disease.

Recovery Resources exists to help people triumph over mental illness, alcoholism and drug addiction.

To find out more about our efforts to Uncover Recovery, please visit recres.org or call Natalie Friedl, development director, at 216-431-4131 ext. 1305.

Debbie Rodriguez, Cleveland

Rodriguez is president and CEO of Recovery Resources. This letter originally appeared in the Plain Dealer.

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