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Recovery Resources operates RecoveryWorks, a program that employs and provides job skill training to people who are in recovery from addiction and/or managing their mental illness, to help clients make their way toward independent living. 
Today 64 people are learning skills through one of five vocational training businesses: Janitorial Services, Lawn Care Services, Packaging and Assembly and Car Detailing.The goal of RecoveryWorks is to graduate the client to competitive employment.  


Buying Business Services

When you buy business services through Recovery Resources, you are getting high quality services, competitive prices, and are putting our clients to work. What a "win-win!" We call this work Recovery Works. It is a place where good business and personal compassion intersect successfully on behalf of our community.  To schedule an appointment today call Kevin Beaver at 216-409-0611 or visit www.recoverywork.org

Onsite Café and Catering

We set up and provide daily café management services at your business location. We serve your employees and customers baked goods, fruit, snacks, juice and coffee. Having a training, class or conference/meeting? Allow us to cater for you!

Car Detailing

We provide professional interior and exterior car detailing services Monday through Friday at our 3950 Chester Avenue location. To schedule an appointment today please contact Kevin Beaver at 216-409-0611 or visit Car Detailing.

Janitorial & Office Cleaning

We provide high-quality commercial cleaning and floor maintenance services for businesses throughout the community. We currently clean over 100,000 sq ft of office space. Times and hours are flexible, and based on the needs of the business.

Lawn Care

We provide commercial and residential lawn care services, including: mowing,edging, shrubbery trimming, weed-wracking, picking up debris, turning beds, and special Spring and Fall clean-up packages. Free estimates/very competitively priced.

Assembly, Packaging & Labeling

We provide assembly, packaging and labeling services to several local businesses who are in need of individuals to do this type of work. Give us a call to discuss how we can assist your business.

Recovery Resources' Recovery Works employ about 65 clients. Our vocational specialists oversee 10-12 clients at a time, supervising and training those who work for Recovery Works. 

By developing and operating businesses, we can provide vocational services to employ clients living with mental health and substance abuse issues. These individuals have a desire to work but may have difficulty obtaining competitive employment because of symptoms of their illness, past work history, lack of job skills, substance abuse history, and/or criminal records. Our social enterprise companies help consumers gain the skills desired on the open market. 

When you buy business services from Recovery Resources, you are helping those in recovery make their way to independence. It’s a great way to do more for the community while getting more for your dollar. 

To inquire about our Recovery Works services, email Kevin Beaver or call him at 216-431-4131 x1122

Recovery Resources’ funds honor very special friends

James’ Fund

James’ Fund honors the memory of James Grant Dolezal.

Casey’s Fund

Casey’s Fund honors the memory of Kenneth "Casey" Coleman, Cleveland sportscaster and voice of Recovery Resources.

Helen's Fund

Helen's Fund honors the memory of Helen K. Jones, former president & CEO.

Rajesh's Fund

Rajesh's Fund was established in memory of Rajesh Gopalakrishna by his family and friends.