Recovery Resources

2014 Annual Report

Working together to help people triumph over mental illness, alcoholism,drug and other addictions.

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Our Mission

We are determined to ensure that our clients and others living with mental health and addiction disorders are embraced by a comprehensive health care continuum that addresses both behavioral health issues and broader health needs, so that soon, they can experience lives filled with health and hope.

Prevention & Wellness

AssistNOW Employee Assistance Program

Training and Consultation Institute

Substance abuse and gambling prevention and education

School-based services

HIV/STD prevention

Parenting education

Anger management

Therapeutic preschool services


Clinical assessment

Individual counseling

Group counseling

Case management

Psychiatry and nursing

Partial hospitalization

Programs for people with both mental health and addiction needs


Recovery Support


Forensic linkages

Vocational training

Job placement

Warmline Telephone Services

Relapse prevention

By the numbers
By our outreach

Who we touch

During the year over 5,000 employment services were provided to nearly 800 clients, and 170 clients in recovery were placed in full-time and part-time employment through the Recovery Resources Employment Alliance.

Social Enterprise employed 179 clients in recovery providing services for hire—lawn care service, custodial services, catering, peer support, assembly, picture framing and car detailing.

32,000 addiction services were provided to nearly 5,000 clients including women and families, older adults, adolescents, individuals living with HIV or AIDS, clients with concurrent substance abuse disorders and mental illness and gambling addiction.

Our alcohol and other drugs prevention services reached over 2,000 individuals.

102 preschool-aged children attended from the Healthy Alternatives for Little Ones Preschool program.

Recovery Resources manages 9 housing locations with 77 beds and will be opening the Clinton Recovery House in June to treat 9 women in recovery.

47 Mental Health First-Aid Trainings were offered in 2014.

This year 75 companies contracted with Recovery Resources for our Employee Assistance Program.

150 to 200 people are assessed monthly for treatment services in our Walk-In-Now (WIN) Clinic, providing same-day access to care to those in need.

Our Forensics Linkages team provided services to 1420 inmates in the Cuyahoga County Jail.

We instituted our first ever integrated care treatment team comprised of 6 Nurses and Medical Assistants, to begin the integration of behavior and physical health care.

Launched 4 new wellness programs – Walk with a Nurse, Tobacco Cessation, Nutrition and Healthy Living and Feel Gr8.

We opened our first ever Opiate Specific IOP, which provides group 5 days a week and includes wrap-around nursing support, HIV prevention, gambling services and overall health and wellness treatment.

By our actions

Putting Caring into Action


provided uncompensated care to our clients


increase in service volume over the previous year


of our resources went to program activities

Our vision to provide a holistic, person-centered, integrated continuum of care that encompasses both behavioral health and physical health services became reality in July 2014 when Recovery Resources moved into its new medical arts building located at Pearl and Memphis in Old Brooklyn. Thanks to the many who supported our delivery of integrated physical health care, this is nothing short of a full transformation. The space includes nearly 30,000 square feet for Recovery Resources services where clients can receive a variety of healthcare services under one roof.

Saint Luke’s Foundation
“One of the most important medical advances of the 21st century is the application of information technology (IT) to support and improve the delivery of healthcare.” – Dr. Eric B. Broderick, Asst. Surgeon General and Acting Deputy Administrator of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

In 2014 the Saint Luke’s Foundation awarded Recovery Resources a $200,000 grant in support of our pledge to implement the Electronic Health Record (EHR) EVOLV. Converting to a new EHR system has allowed Recovery Resources to leverage technology that was built specifically for a broad range of health care providers, which enables more robust and coordinated client care and a far more efficient use of clinician time.

The Cleveland Foundation

With an $180,000 investment from the Cleveland Foundation, our behavioral health staff has been trained to incorporate primary care needs into clients’ treatment plans and goals. We have established new programs that support overall wellness, launched a smoking cessation group for our mental health consumers, started a “walk with a nurse” program for our clients who are struggling to develop healthy exercise habits. Through this grant we offer continuing education sessions for our staff to provide them with information about the physical health illnesses most commonly faced by our clients to help build their competence and confidence to support those we serve.

2015 commemorates 60 years of service to our clients in Northeast Ohio. We are tremendously grateful to our many founders including Recovery Resources pioneer, Herman Krimmel, who first established the Cleveland Center on Alcoholism in 1955. The mergers throughout the years, and the volunteer leaders who have long sought to address the stigma of alcoholism and behavioral health, have made Recovery Resources what it is today. We follow in the footsteps of those who are recognized for blazing trails and steadfast dedication – Dick and Martha Baker, Brian Sherwin, Frank Milgrim, Myrtle Muntz and countless other leaders who sought to address social and health disparities with services that heal the whole person.

With the support of the Board of Directors, leadership, donors and community partners, 2014 proved to be a transformative year for our agency and launched the next chapter of innovation and vision. We moved into our new medical arts facility on Pearl Road, rebranded and launched a new user-friendly website, implemented a state-of-the-art electronic health records system, and launched our first groups and services as part of our Physical Health Integration initiative. We also increased our services to meet the growing demands of those with gambling and opiate addictions.

With the support of Recovery Resources’ community, we have been able to deliver on the promise of making significant investments in our commitment to integrating physical healthcare and prevention care into our scope of services. Collaborations are critical to organizations like ours, and at Recovery Resources we are proud and humbled to have so many exceptional colleagues, donors, volunteers and staff who call themselves our “Partners in health, Partners in hope”.


It is philanthropic gifts that allow our services and programs to continue to meet the needs of our community, and in the spirit of our founders we are honored to carry the torch forward.

Thank you for your support.

Victor F. Faris - Board Chair

Victor F. Faris

Board Chair

Pamela Gill - President & CEO

Pamela Gill

President & CEO

Where Our Resources Come From

Pie Chart: Where Our Resources Come From

How Our Resources Were Spent

Bar Graph: How Our Resources Were Spent

Balance Sheet

June 30, 2014 - In Thousands

Cash 663
Investments 5,949
Accounts Receivables 2,472
Fixed Assets 3,320
Other Assets 231
Liablities and Net Assets
A/P & Accrued Expenses 1,262
Other Liabilities 925
Net Assets - Unrestricted 8,367
Net Assets - Temporarily Restricted 531
Net Assets - Permanently Restricted 1,550
Support & Revenue
Program Service Revenue 5,882
Grants (Government & Private) 4,597
Business Enterprises 873
Fundraising 469
Net Program Service Revenue 11,821
In-Kind 331
All Other 266
Program Services 10,792
Management & General 1,630
Fundraising 244
Operating Results
Net Operating Results (249)
Realized Gain on Investments 559
Consolidated Surplus
Consolidated Surplus 310

Gold Level

Wells Fargo Advisors

Silver Level


Bronze Level

Cleveland Indians

ExactCare Pharmacy

McGladrey, LLP

Robert W. Baird

Stellar Benefits Group

A-Brite Plating Company

Allegro Realty Advisors, Ltd.

Asian Services in Action

Avon Lake Public Library

Beech Brook

Benjamin Rose Institute

BioThane Coated Webbing Corp

Bobbie's Green Thumb, LLC

Braden Sutphin Ink Company

Calfee, Halter & Griswold, LLP

Case Western Reserve University

Center for Health Affairs

Cereal Foods

City of Lyndhurst

Cleveland Bakers & Teamsters Health and Welfare and Pension

Cleveland Food Bank

Cleveland Indians

Community Assessment and Treatment Services


Cornucopia, Inc.

Corrigan Krause

Custom Paper Tubes

Cuyahoga County District Board of Health


Dance Centre

Double Tree Cleveland

Environmental Conditioning Systems

Environmental Health Watch

ExactCare Pharmacy

Fairport Asset Management

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

First Place Community Realty V. Voinovich

Forest City Enterprises, Inc.

Free Clinic of Greater Cleveland

FSM Capital Management, LLC

Gould Electronics

Greater Cleveland Habitat for Humanity, Inc.

Greg Uhland

Hank Bloom Services, Inc.

HMA Promotions, INC.

Jewish Federation of Cleveland

Jo-Ann Stores, Inc.


Kleidon & Associates

Lakewood/Rocky River Rotary Club


LB Production

Legacy Village

Long Term Care Ombudsman

Lutheran Family Pharmacy

Maloney & Novotny LLC

ManagTech, Inc.

Margaret W. Wong & Associates Company

Margolius, Margolius & Associates

McCarthy, Lebit, Crystal & Liffman Co., L.P.A.

McDonald Hopkins Co., L.P.A.

McGladrey LLP

Mental Health Services

Merrill Lynch

Monica Robins

Murtis Taylor Human Services System

Mutual of America

NAMI Greater Cleveland


Northeast Ohio Health Underwriters

Northern Ohio Recovery Association

Oatey Company

Ohio Concrete Resurfacing

Omni Property Companies

Oriana House

Ostendorf Morris

Painters' Union

Perfection Metal

Pinkney-Perry Insurance Agency, Inc.


Plymouth Church of Shaker Heights

Presrite Bessemer

Presrite Corporation


Pricewaterhouse Coopers, LLP

Private Bank


Quest Diagnostics

Reflections Interior Design, LLC

Richman Brothers Foundation

Robby's Voice

Robert W. Baird & Co., Inc.

Rocky River City Schools

Rocky River Student Activities Boosters

Ross Environmental Services, Inc.

Ross Incineration Services, Inc.

Ross Transportation Services, Inc.

Sherwin Williams Company

Southwest General Hospital

St. Ignatius High School

St. Vincent Charity Hospital

Stellar Benefits Group

SUM-Ohio St. Cleveland Headquarters

Superior Tool

Talan Products


Thompson Hine, LLP



Ulmer & Berne, LLP

Unicontrol Incorporated

United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Cleveland

United Way of Greater Cleveland

University Hospitals

Village of Newburgh Heights

Walter Haverfield LLP

Weber Murphy Fox

Wellington Fire District

Western Reserve Partners, LLC


Wyse Advertising, Inc.

Your Teen Magazine

Alcohol Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services Board of Cuyahoga County

City of Cleveland Department of Community Development

City of Cleveland Department of Public Health

Cleveland Municipal Court

Cuyahoga County Department of Health & Human Services

Cuyahoga County Board of Health

Emerald Development & Economic Network

Ohio Department of Health

Ohio Department of Jobs & Family Services

Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction

Ohio Department of Youth Services

Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services

Ohio State Lottery Commission

Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

United Way of Greater Cleveland

Abington Foundation

Brandon Family Foundation

C. Louis Meyer Family Foundation

California Community Foundation

Cleveland Foundation

David and Inez Myers Foundation

Deaconess Community Foundation

Eaton Charitable Fund

Edward A. and Catherine L. Lozick Foundation

Elisabeth Severance\Prentiss Foundation

Eva L. and Joseph M. Bruening Foundation

Foster Family Foundation

Fred A. Lennon Charitable Trust

Giant Eagle Foundation

Higley Fund

Lora Philanthropic Fund

Margaret Clark Morgan Foundation

Miller Family Fund

Murch Foundation

Nina and Norman Wain Family Foundation

Reminger Foundation

Smith-Prochaska Foundation

South Waite Foundation

St. Luke's Foundation

Woodruff Foundation


Mrs. Martha B. Baker

Mr. Brian Marita

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Neary


Mr. and Mrs. Don Kimmel

Ms. Suzanne M. Miller

Mr. Robert N. Rapp

Mr. Michael Riley and Ms. Margaret Stiner

Mr. Chuck Royer and Ms. Sheila Samuels Royer

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Schneider


Mr. Michael Barrett

Ms. Martha Bauschka, R.N.

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