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Prevention Services

Prevention now!
It’s the key to the future.

As Benjamin Franklin famously stated, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” For every dollar spent on prevention and treatment, the government spends almost $60 responding to the consequences of substance abuse. Multiple studies indicate that every dollar spent on substance abuse prevention services saves an average of $10 in the long-term. At Recovery Resources, we’ve long recognized that the best (and most cost effective) way to help clients triumph over addiction is to ensure that they never become addicted. To address this goal and others, we provide a full complement of prevention services for youth and adults both onsite and in the community.

Casey's Kids

Casey Coleman was a legendary sports broadcaster who covered Cleveland’s favorite sports teams and events for more than 25 years.  He was known in the community as the voice of the Browns, but to Recovery Resources, he was simply our friend.   As a staunch advocate for recovery Casey lent his story of addiction with the hope to inspire others to seek help and to triumph over the disease of alcoholism.

Casey's fund has evolved into what is known today as #CaseysKids was established to encourage leadership skills for school-aged children and to teach techniques to resist peer pressure against alcohol and substance use. Funds donated will support prevention services to reach more students, enhance programs and empower at-risk youth with tools for greater success in life. 

#CaseysKids is funded by Recovery Resources women's philanthropy group, the Circle of Strength.


Get to know our 2019 Casey's Kids

Learn about our Summer Prevention Education Programs Here

Peer Prevention

The purpose of Peer Prevention is to build advocacy and leadership skills in teens and reinforce their healthy lifestyle choices. Peer Prevention engages youth in meaningful activities and allows them to assume responsibility in a healthy way, which aims to ultimately discourage future drug use. 

Ohio Teen Institute is the oldest and largest peer prevention program in the United States and teaches youth about drug and alcohol abuse and how to effectively lead prevention projects in their schools and communities.

Problem Identification and Referral 

Problem Identification and Referral (PIR) services aid in identifying, educating and counseling youth who have engaged in the age-inappropriate use of tobacco, alcohol and/or drugs, or are at high-risk for doing so. Activities include screening, referral and linkage to the appropriate services. PIR services at Recovery Resources use the Lifestyle Risk Reduction model, which promotes abstinence and the reduction of high-risk choices. 

HALO Program 

Healthy Alternatives for Little Ones (HALO) is a 12-unit holistic health and substance abuse prevention curriculum for children ages 3-6 in child care settings. HALO is designed to address risk and protective factors for sunstance abuse and other health behaviors by providing children with information on healthy choices. The program aims to help children understand the complexities of "health" and "healthy choices" by putting these abstract concepts into concrete terms they can understand. The HALO Program is available to be offered in early childhood classrooms in local schools and community settings in Cuyahoga County.


Project SUCCESS (Schools Using Coordinated Community Efforts to Strengthen Students) is designed to prevent and reduce substance use among students 12-18 years of age. Project SUCCESS includes a Prevention Education Series (PES), an eight-session alcohol, tobacco, and other drug program conducted by Project SUCCESS prevention specialists who help students identify and resist pressures to use substances, correct misperceptions about the prevalence and acceptability of substance use, and understand the consequences of substance use. The Project SUCCESS Program is available to be offered in middle and high school settings in local middle and high schools and community settings in Cuyahoga County.

Prevention Classes

Prevention classes are not open, so everyone MUST register to attend and must begin on a specific date. To register for any prevention class, call the scheduler at 216-431-4131.

Parent Education

Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (S.T.E.P.) teaches parents the importance of raising empowered and resilient children, who will then be less vulnerable to the peer pressures regarding unhealthy life choices. This program helps parents improve relationships with their children, develop new parenting skills, and identify effective techniques for navigating family transitions.
There is no cost to attend a parenting class at Recovery Resources and every class meets standards set by the Department of Children & Family Services. Parents, grandparents, relatives, and other caregivers with custody or guardianship of children under 18 may attend.
The class meets twice weekly for four weeks. With 2-hour class sessions, this totals 16 hours. 

PRIME for Life 

PRIME For Life (PFL) is an alcohol and drug education program designed to gently but powerfully challenge common beliefs and attitudes that directly contribute to high-risk alcohol and drug use. Emphasis is on knowing and understanding risks one cannot change and reducing risks one can change. PRIME for Life is designed to effectively interrupt the progression of use with those at high risk for abuse or dependence and focuses on self-assessment to help people understand and accept the need for change. PRIME for Life also helps participants develop a detailed plan for successfully following through with behavior change. 

PFL is designed for adults who do not meet criteria for substance abuse or dependence, but are in need of substance abuse intervention as a result of high-risk behavior. Any adult can take this class, including those who are court-ordered to participate in a drug and alcohol education program. Weekday classes for people who are unemployed cost $20 (for the workbook).   

FAQ about Classes

Do I have to be referred? 

No referral is needed, but if you have a probation officer or DCFS social worker, you should let them know that you are taking this course, especially if it is a requirement of your probation or case plan.

Does this class meet state or court requirements? 

That depends on what the state or court requirements are, but our programs are certified by the ADAMHS Board, and most of the time, attendance that produces a Certificate of Completion is enough to meet court or state requirements. Please note that a signed release of information is needed before information regarding registration, attendance or completion can be given to any outside entity.

Can I get progress reports or proof of enrollment? Do I get a certificate of completion? 

All individuals who complete the required classes receive a Certificate of Completion. Progress reports, letters, and proof of enrollment are available by request from a client or referral source. 

What should I bring to this class? 

PRIME for Life enrollees must bring a picture ID and contact information for your referral source, if you were referred.

Can I just show up at the class instead of registering?

Classes are not open, so everyone MUST register to attend and must begin on a specific date.

To register for any prevention class, call the scheduler at 216-431-4131.  

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Strength of Us (NAMI)

Developed by NAMI and young adults, strengthofus.org is an online community designed to connect young adults impacted by mental health issues and inspire us to think positive, stay strong and achieve our goals through peer support and resource sharing.  

Test Your Knowledge 

Put your knowledge to the test. Do you know what Molly, Dogfood or Loud means in terms of drugs? To find the answers and learn more about common terms used to describe different drugs click on the "Prevention: Test Your Knowledge" link below.

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