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YOU: Our Most Valued Partner

The health of our entire community depends on a vision of cooperation and the determination to put it into action. There are so many ways we can bring hope and healing to the Greater Cleveland region that we all love. Be a part of reaching out to individuals in need, connecting the community in a common cause, and bringing hope where it may seem lost. Together, we can reach more people to improve prevention, treatment and support services and to educate more people about the triumph that recovery is for the lives of those it touches.

1. Donate

Recovery Resources is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency, making your contributions are fully tax deductible.

We welcome contributions in cash and cash equivalents such as stocks, bonds and real estate. Your gifts help individuals receive the addiction and mental health services they need, regardless of their ability to pay.

Specify any of our funds, make an unrestricted contribution to the annual fund, arrange a planned gift as part of your estate, or donate items that enrich our variety of client programs and special events. Donate now or learn more about giving to our funds (listed below).  For more information, please contact Ethan Krasnow, at ekrasnow@recres.org.

2. Underwrite Our Events and Outreach

Our many programs, and the people who use them, are always in need of in-kind and cash gifts – items that cannot be purchased with food stamps are in short supply for struggling families.  Toiletries, paper goods, household supplies and bus tickets are examples of items we are always seeking.

Our client and community events need food and serving supplies, prizes and gifts for children, and other novelties to make the events special, and meaningful, while also practical. Please consider underwriting a client event, or contributing goods towards its success.  Please contact Ethan Krasnow, at ekrasnow@recres.org. for more information.

One of our most important functions is to change the public perception about addiction and mental illness, and those who live with them. We know how deeply damaging the stigmas surrounding these illnesses are, and we will continue to inform, educate and enlighten at every opportunity. You can help in this effort by offering to tell your own story, and/or by specifying that your donation be directed to our ongoing communication efforts.  For more information, please contact Ethan Krasnow, at ekrasnow@recres.org.

3. Host a Fundraiser

Addiction and mental health can affect anyone.  At Recovery Resources, providing behavioral health care is our passion.  We work tirelessly with those we serve to make this goal a reality, but we can't do it without you.  Please consider hosting a fundraiser to build awareness and support treatment.  
We are here to support you in your fundraising efforts; click here for fundraising ideas. For more information, please contact Ethan Krasnow, at ekrasnow@recres.org.

4. Community Outreach and Resources

We recognize every day that the work we do is bigger than we are, and we are grateful for our many individual and family supporters, partner agencies, healthcare partners and Greater Cleveland resources.

We Invite You to Work with Us

We are your Partners in Health. Partners in Hope. Partnership is critical to Recovery Resources, and we are proud and humbled to have so many exceptional colleagues, business partners, customers, volunteers and other stakeholders. We are always open to innovative partnerships and joint initiatives. Please reach out to us with your needs and ideas!

Please Help Us Erase the Stigma & Increase Community Awareness

One of our most important goals is to change the public perception about addiction and mental illness. We know how deeply damaging the stigmas surrounding these illnesses are, and we will continue inform and educate at every opportunity. You can help in this effort by supporting drug, alcohol and mental health education for your employees, students, colleagues and friends.  Please help by distributing our public education materials, bringing guests to our events, and even consider telling your own story.  And you can always donate to our community education efforts!

Explore the Many Ways We Can Be Your Business Partner

We can offer a great deal to you as a business partner and/vendor, including these services:

  • Our Employment Alliance is an excellent place to find new hires -- well-trained and eager employees transitioning to competitive employment with our support.
  • Our Employee Assistance Programs support your employees with specialized services like drug testing, counseling, training referrals and more. 
  • Our Consulation Services can help you develop, evaluate and improve your approach to behavioral healthcare. 

5. Volunteer

Join an amazing group of people whose dedication and skills help us do more with less.

  • Peer Supporter (for those with life experience only)
  • Event Preparation
  • Committee Participation
  • Employment Mentoring
  • Office Work
  • In-Kind Donations of Goods and/or Services
  • Associate Board of Directors
  • Board of Directors

Learn more about volunteering.

6. Hire Our Clients

Talk about a win-win! As our clients move along the employment readiness continuum, some may benefit from a supported work environment. Our vocational counselors assure that your new hire is ready for work and that he or she has the necessary supports for success.  Please contact Maureen Masterson at the Employment Alliance, at mmasterson@recres.org.

7. Buy Our Services

Recovery Works. If you need skilled or unskilled labor from time to time, or on an ongoing basis, explore our very reasonably priced and high-quality business services:

  • Janitorial Services

When you buy business services from Recovery Resources, you are helping those in recovery make their way to independence. It’s a great way to do more for the community while getting more for your dollar.

Employee Assistance Programs.  Recovery Resources provides a full array of specialized employee- and employer-focused services, including drug testing, counseling, anger management, critical incident handling, training and management consultation. 

Consulation Services. We also offer consultation services to businesses, fellow healthcare and social service agencies, community groups and educational institutions.  

8. Partner with Us

Recovery Resources values our partnership with so many excellent colleagues, agencies and business partners. We actively seek out innovative partnerships and joint initiatives on behalf of those we serve.  Please reach out to us with your needs and ideas. Contact Ethan Krasnow at ekrasnow@recres.org.

Recovery Resources is a registered 501(c)(3) charity.

Donations to any of our funds are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Tax ID: 34-1211116 A copy of the latest annual report filed by Recovery Resources may be obtained here or by contacting:

Recovery Resources
Administrative Offices
4269 Pearl Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44109

Or by writing to:

Ohio Attorney General,
Charitable Registration

30 E. Broad St., 14th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215