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Who We Are

Comprehensive behavioral healthcare. Our goal. Our passion.

Addiction and mental illness can affect anyone. Mental illness and addiction know no boundaries. They cross every age, gender, race and income. At Recovery Resources, we provide care to people 18 years and older. People at every economic level seek out our services. We provide support to families. We provide resources to communities. We give people hope. 

Who we are

Addiction and mental health challenges can affect anyone. Approximately 1,100 college freshmen will complete suicide this year; the majority as the result of untreated depression.

  1. Approximately 1 in 4 high school and college students report binge drinking at least once a month.
  2. Heroin has become an epidemic in Northeast Ohio- in 2014, 2,347 people in Ohio died from heroin overdose, making it the second in drug overdose in the U.S.
  3. Mental illness strikes 1 in 4 Americans, and young adults are the most vulnerable to its onset.
  4. We predict that 2-5% of people who engage in online gaming and other gambling activity will develop problem gambling behavior.

At Recovery Resources, providing comprehensive behavioral health care is our passion and we work tirelessly with those we serve and our community partners to make this goal a reality, but we can’t do it without your help.

Our experience made us who we are

In 2000, two Cleveland agencies merged to become Recovery Resources, where mental illness and addictions of all types could be treated under one roof in an integrated way– a critical need for those who were dually diagnosed. This family soon grew with the addition of Community Challenge in 2008, which increased our footprint with young people in the suburban West Shore.
Our continuum of care grew in 2011 with the addition of Spectrum of Supportive Services, which broadened our housing services and added services focused on helping people re-enter the workforce; and in October of 2018 we announced our partnership with MetroHealth to collaborate on behavioral health and addiction services. The partnership expands services for the community, allowing current Recovery Resources’ clients and MetroHealth patients to receive coordinated care for mental illness, alcoholism, drug and other addictions.

Today we honor our founders every day by helping others

  • See the immense possibilities that recovery offers
  • Begin their individual journeys to health and hope

Our Mission

We help people triumph over mental illness, alcoholism, drug and other addictions.

Client Satisfaction Survey

For several years, clients have been surveyed for their satisfaction with services received and relationships developed at Recovery Resources. The results are most gratifying, and they also help us see where we can improve.