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Assist NOW | The EAP Division of Recovery Resources

Your Employees’ Success is Our Business

Assist NOW is the Employment Assistance Division of Recovery Resources that specializes in employee support, management consultation, employee training, drug free work place, and health and wellness. We are a leader in Employee Assistance and an investment in our community.

Assist NOW is one of the longest standing employee assistance providers in Cleveland, Ohio. We partner with organizations to enhance organizational culture and develop the potential of the entire workforce by providing comprehensive behavioral and developmental services. There are no "one size fits all" solutions to employee related issues and challenges. That is why we have created a flexible employee assistance program that enables you to design a customized program that is specifically tailored to the needs of your organization. Our delivery of services is distinguished by the highly personal and confidential relationship between your employees and our professional staff. Our goal is to be the trusted advisor in all of your company's employee assistance matters.

For more information, please contact us at (216) 431-4140 or eap@recres.org.

Learn More About our Services

  • Employee Support

    Our trained professionals are prepared to ensure that personal challenges do not get in the way of your employee’s success.

    - Screening
    - Short-term counseling, referrals, and case management
    - Interactive Website and Online Resources
    - Quarterly Newsletters via e-mail
    - 24/7/365 crisis response phone
  • Management Consultation

    Employers often require support when handling employee challenges and other workplace needs. We are here to support management teams in addressing these concerns and implementing proactive strategies to create a positive work culture.

    - Management Consultation

    - Employee and Supervisor Orientations

    - On-site Crisis Management

    - Access to an Account Manager

    - Quarterly Utilization Reports

  • Training

    Both employers and employees benefit from an effective and comprehensive array of practical hands-on trainings. We have a library of over 50 trainings and are also available to customize training specifically to your organization’s needs. Training topics include the following:

    - Professional and Leadership Development

    - Personal Development

    - Health and Wellness

    - Compliance (sexual harassment, cultural humility)

  • Drug Free Workplace
    Assist NOW is a long standing provider of Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation approved training, education and consultation. We can assist your company in receiving significant discounts off your workers' compensation rates, while decreasing other health and safety risks.
  • Health and Wellness

    Assist NOW has experience in providing wellness program administration including everything from rollout to reporting of results. Wellness programs include but are not limited to the following areas:

    - Nutrition

    - Physical Activity

    - Stress Management

    - Smoking Cessation

For Existing Assist NOW Clients: