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Continuing education at your pace, from the comfort of your home

Recovery Resources offers a variety of home study webinars. These webinars are completed by view a video of the webinar, and then completion of a post-test and evaluation. 

Home Study Webinars


Brief Introduction to Gambling Disorder - Start Now!

This training provides and introduction to Disordered Gambling. 1 credits through the Ohio Counselor, Social Work and Marriage Family Therapist Board, Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board and the National Council on Problem Gambling.

Comorbidity and Gambling Disorder - Start Now!

 This training will provide an overview of gambling definitions, current statistics and trends in gambling behavior, and co-morbidity's of gambling disorder with substance use and mental health disorders. Hear from problem gambling professionals from Recovery Resources they discuss the important of dual diagnosis treatment and how to engage clients in care. 

Gambling and the Asian Community - Start Now!

Various cultural factors put the Asian community at risk for problem gambling. This webinar will review the unique needs of the Asian community related to gambling services, and local initiatives addressing this issue. 

Gambling and the Older Adult - Start Now! 

There are unique considerations regarding gambling and older adults. This webinar will explore this topic and add to basic knowledge of problem and disordered gambling. 

Gambling Disorder and Suicide Ideation - Start Now! 

Gambling Disorder has the highest rate of suicide attempt among all addictions. Stemming from variables such as financial loss, unemployment, depression/anxiety and loss of relationships often leads individuals affected with disordered gambling to believe there is no other way out. Understanding this correlation, building skills in assessing lethality and increasing comfort in having these difficult conversations is crucial in the assessment and treatment of gambling disorder. 

Gambling Behaviors among Young Adults - Start Now! 

This webinar will describe current gambling behaviors in Ohio and across the nation and look at evolving trends in gambling aimed at the young adult.

Raising Voices: Personal Stories of Disordered Gambling - Start Now!

Disordered Gambling is a devastating illness that impacts whole families. This webinar will feature two speakers, a person affected by Gambling Disorder and a member of his family. Their stories tell how gambling impacted their lives and how they have moved towards recovery. 


Overview of the DSM-5 Disordered Gambling Criteria - Start Now!

This training will provide participants with a deep dive into the diagnostic criteria associated with Disordered Gambling, comparing DSM IV and 5 criteria. Participants will be exposed to assessment tools to aid in diagnosis of Disordered Gambling. 1 credits through the Ohio Counselor, Social Work and Marriage Family Therapist Board, Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board and the National Council on Problem Gambling.


Brief Introduction to Problem Gambling Prevention - Start Now! 

As the world of gambling becomes less compartmentalized so too must its prevention efforts. Currently more people gamble per week and per year than ever before. Furthermore, society’s acceptance of and desire to gamble has grown substantially. With the evidence that cross-addiction and co-occurrence is high among problem gamblers, prevention professionals should be positioned with the knowledge and tools to provide gambling prevention education, implement screens and share resources. Attendees will be introduced to the skills needed to incorporate problem gambling information into their currently running prevention programs. 

Working with AOD Clients on Problem Gambling Prevention - Start Now! 

The Brief Biosocial Gambling Screen (BBGS) is a useful tool to help us determine if someone is at risk for problem gambling. What happens when the client is high-risk but doesn’t meet enough criteria for a diagnosis? How do we address their gambling behaviors? This webinar will discuss Recovery Resource’s screening process and how you can implement one, and a new, one-on-one gambling education program designed for high-risk clients.